Educational Therapy

Teen/parent contracts

: As children develop, their needs to experience greater autonomy is healthy. When a teen is experiencing difficulty in school, the teen needs support that is reflective of his or her developmental task. A negotiated contract between parent and teen, which emphasizes choice with contingencies, is just such a vehicle. The contract is individualized to support the teen's area of need.


: How the student feels and expresses him or herself affects the kind of response he or she receives in return. School is a major part of children's lives during their formative years and positive experiences can set the pattern for their future successes. Acknowledging the child's point of view and problem solving with the student both respects the individual as well as teaches life skills.

Biofeedback for anxiety

: Anxiety is a common condition that can be related to situational challenges, such as a test or homework. We have two simple tools to help the student learn to minimize this condition. Work with heart rate variability or galvanized skin response sensors provide a non-invasive safe format for the client to learn self regulation of anxiety. This technology can provide a structured experience by which the client incrementally gains control and relief.