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Silvia Chloe

has worked with children for 30 years. Her education and experience includes counseling and compensation techniques as well as remediation options to support cognitive and emotional challenges. She uses a variety of assessment tools to facilitate the student in discovering and utilizing their individual learning style. Biofeedback is also available to help the student gain self-mastery. These services provide the student with ways to experience success within the school setting. School success creates the possibility for higher self esteem and the potential for continued success, as well as more harmony within the family.



Silvia Chloe has truly helped my son become a more organized, self-confident student. Silvia helped build my son's's confidence by identifying and supporting my son's positive learning style. Thanks Silvia! --T.S.-parent of a high school student

My daughter has been a student of Silvia's for several years. With Silvia's help she has learned new skills and gained the confidence to work with and understand her dyslexia, enabling her to perform in class at a much higher level. She feels ready and excited to start 8th grade and is looking forward to High School. --J.H.S.T.

Silvia Chloe has worked with my daughter for over three years. During that time, she has been helpful and supportive in so many ways. Silvia uses a wealth of educational tools, tips, and motivational strategies when working with grade school students. Aside from being knowledgeable and creative, she is sensitive to a student's emotional needs and moods. Both my daughter and I have learned from Silvia and are glad We have the opportunity to work with her. --LLL